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The first thing I would suggest you do if you are interested in the Podengo for showing is to become familiar with the standard for whatever kennel club you belong. I belong to the AKC and I put together a pictorial comparison of Snooty to the AKC standard..
As the first person in Atlanta,Georgia to import a Portuguese Podengo Pequeno from Portugal for exhibiting at AKC dog shows, I thought it would be helpful to others with an interest to shine some light on this exciting new breed to the AKC.
First let me say I did not rush into this without a lot of thought before hand. I saw my first Podengo on Facebook and it was love at first sight! Her name was Rafia de Viamonte. I had never heard of the breed but was immediately blown away by the look of this dog. I then decided it would be a good idea to spend sometime researching the breed and not jump in too quickly. (and besides Rafia was not available !!)
Several months later after much research and many conversations with Miguel Sabino of Viamonte kennels in Portugal. I was able to bring my first baby to the US -. Snobe de Viamonte. A pretentious name for a pretentious little dog. Snobe quickly became "Snooty" and my son and I are completely in love with him.
If you think this may be the breed for you, make sure to do some homework first. The last thing anyone would want is to see a new crop of rescue groups springing up from impulse buying.
I am new to the breed but would be glad to answer the questions I can and to refer you to other sources for the ones I can't! I will be adding more information and photos very soon.