I saw my first Papillion around 1999 at a local dog show.The first thing I fell for of course --- those ears!
Although the time wasn't right to bring a new dog into my home it was a lasting impression.
In the spring of 2003 I felt the time was right and started looking through different resources.I quickly dropped the idea of impulse buying from the local paper and started researching the breed. This led me to the Internet and a host of information. While viewing champion papillons at various websites I started to understand and appreciate the breed standard.
Researching the pedigrees ofsome of the dogs I admired , I found they came from the kennel Toymaker.Searching the Internet I located the kennel -- in Denmark to be exact! Boy, now this was getting serious! Did I really want this?Did I have the time? Could I afford this?Yes.Yes.Well ...can we ever?
From there I emailed the breeder Marianne Hansen an introductory email and what I was looking for.Over the course of the next few months’ two pups from different litters became available.
In December of 2003 Costa and Chance arrived in Atlanta Georgia.Both males, were beautiful, and from strong champion bloodlines. My foundation was beginning to form.
When the time is right SanDot's will be proud to introduce it's "First Lady".
A Little History

We did find that "First Lady" and she was so captivating we soon acquired two more, Zeta and Kisame. Close in age they quickly bonded and have been life long friends. They share food and water amicably as well as curling up together for an evening rest.

We have also wecolmed another handsome male into our family. Bertchen who came to us from Germany quickly took hold of our hearts and I don't think he ever intends to give them back!

Bertchen also claimed the heart of our "Chance" who isn't easily won over by the little ones. I watch in amazement as Chance bathes and grooms him every evening -allowing him to sleep by his side.

We use the term "kennel" loosely on this site. All of our paps live in our home and enjoy uncaged freedom and play outside under supervision.
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